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Dryden Technical Advisors is a forward-leaning start-up consulting company in Los Angeles, California.

We specialize in providing information, analysis, and solutions to clients seeking to gain a competitive advantage in the infrastructure and telecommunications domain – particularly in the developing world.  To achieve that goal, we recruit technical subject matter experts among the professional community of the areas in which our clients seek to expand their business.

Our company’s in-house technical advisors then review and consolidate the reports from our field consultants, and collaborate with our account managers to deliver a product to our clients that enables them to make an effective and informed decision.

Dryden Technical Advisors was founded in 2017

by a group of individuals with extensive prior experience in the US consulting sector, who believe that we could create a more agile and responsive company by narrowing down the focus of our consulting services to a niche sector. In so doing, we have reduced the overhead and corporate footprint, while creating a corporate culture where inimitable deliverables and client satisfaction are our only benchmark for success.

Experts In Our Field

with outstanding educational and professional pedigrees. Our team thrives because it combines individuals with technical expertise in the infrastructure and telecommunications sector, account managers who fuse knowledge of business processes and international relations, and skilled executive recruiters with a keen eye for talent.

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