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We’re Hiring The Best

We are actively seeking to hire subject matter experts in the infrastructure and telecommunications sectors of emerging markets worldwide. Generally, we seek to offer part-time positions which allow telework and periodic personal collaboration with our team. This enables our regional consultants to remain residing and working in the industry in which they have built an expertise, which guarantees that our consultants (and by definition, their analysis) will remain tied to cutting-edge developments happening each day in their sector.

If you are a subject matter expert in the infrastructure or telecommunications field in an emerging market, and you are interested in learning more about joining our elite team as a paid consultant, please contact our office and one of our executive recruiters will discuss your qualifications with you. Please check this site for an updated list of recent job postings.


We have honed the interview process for subject matter experts.

Based on years of executive recruitment experience at the industry leading human resource companies, and academic studies on hiring. Our process sets us apart from other companies, who hold endless electronic exchanges before hiring a candidate, and expect candidates to travel to their corporate headquarters in the US for multiple rounds of interviews, while navigating their corporate travel and accounting departments to get reimbursed several months later. Instead, we understand that recruiting individuals in the developing world means that not everyone has the time, leave, and funds to interview at our corporate office in Los Angeles.

First, we narrow down applicants.

We are constantly on the hunt for candidates who have a demonstrable ability to fill our clients’ needs. Our team scours the web and their professional network, and reviews resumes submitted by candidates, to short-list the best individuals for the job.  Our goal is then to schedule a personal interview with those select candidates as efficiently as possible. Though we sometimes supplement our interview process with electronic exchanges (email, Skype, Facetime, telephone calls), we have learned through years of experience that there is no substitute for an opportunity to make a personal assessment of a candidate.

Next, we schedule an initial personal interview.

While we do conduct select job interviews at our main office in Los Angeles, we recognize that the vast majority of our candidates are based overseas, because they work in the very sectors in which our clients have interest. Because of this, our recruiters and management conduct both periodic/scheduled and project-specific regional recruitment events worldwide. The interview venues are selected to enable our applicants to attend with minimal disruption to their personal and professional commitments. If you are selected for a personal interview, you will book your own travel arrangements with an itinerary that is most convenient and preferable for you. Regardless of the outcome of your personal interview, during the interview you will receive a reimbursement for your travel costs, in a form and currency of your choosing.

Preparing for the personal interview

We recommend that candidates bring to the interview a current form of personal and professional identification, an updated copy of their resume, and copies of relevant training certifications and educational degrees. When selecting your attire for the interview, please consider that our corporate culture is built on effectiveness, not formality. Please plan travel to allow sufficient time prior to the interview. We recommend you arrive the day prior to the interview, to familiarize yourself with the city, settle in, and build in a cushion for potential travel delays.

Structure of the interview

The personal interview is an opportunity for us to learn about each other and ensure that the candidate and company are a good match. The recruiter will provide a background on himself and our company, and will discuss the qualifications, expectations and benefits of the position for which the candidate is being considered. The recruiter will review the candidate’s personal and professional background to determine the candidate’s technical expertise and interpersonal skills. Initial personal interviews generally take approximately one-half of a work day.

Last, we evaluate candidates and make an offer.

Following the interview, our recruiter will confer with our account manager, technical advisors, and corporate management to determine whether you have been selected for the second phase of the interview process, which typically involves the candidate demonstrating the ability to complete a mini-project on a fee-for-task basis. Successful completion of this project often results in a contract.

Dryden Technical Advisors is currently

fully staffed with in-house technical

advisors and account managers at our

Los Angeles office.