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Dryden Technical advisors works primarily with clients from the US and Western private sector. We have limited but expanding relationships with local, state, and federal governments in the US and Europe. Our current client list also includes not-for-profit research institutions and think tanks. Our firm does not disclose details of ongoing or past client relationships or projects.

Existing Clients

founders’ reputation for excellence in their respective sectors, and well as our ability to produce immediate results on several projects shortly after our founding, we have secured ongoing contracts with industry leaders in the US information technology and telecommunications sectors. At present, while we are actively soliciting new clients, most of our work is based on referrals from our satisfied client base.

New Clients

if you are a company seeking first mover advantage in emerging markets abroad, or a government or non-governmental organization just seeking to better understand the conditions in a telecommunications or public infrastructure sector in a country, we encourage potential clients to contact us to discuss ways in which our company can help you meet your goals.